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Tarleton Skill List

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1 Tarleton Skill List on Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:17 pm

Tarleton Kingdom (Lightning):

1. Lancer

Lv. 1 Ambush
Jumps back behind the targets within 20M to inflict damage.

Lv. 2 Charging Lunge
Also known as Charge. This ability is good for getting into combat quick. This is a lancer’s only mobility and escape ability.

1.1 Combat Lancer

Lv. 3 Onslaught
You simply run forward attacking anything in front of you. Missing this attack makes you run off, so make sure you use it on something you sure will stay still or is large enough that you won’t accidentally slip around it because it’s a high damage ability, but the bulk of the damage comes at the end of the cast, thus using on an opponent that is smart enough to moves makes it useless.

Lv. 4 Master Leash
Throw another hook which pulls the targets nearby. This can cause severe damage to the enemy.

1.2 Lightning Piercer

Lv. 5 Lockdown Blow
This attack has a largest range out of any lancer attacks and does significant damage to all opponents in front of you and it also slows their attack speed. This is an all around good spell, and it can be used in a number of situation, damage and it’s slowing capabilities.

2. Shielder

Lv. 1 Shield Bash
Stun an enemy by hitting them with a shield.

Lv. 2 Flying Shield
Throw a lightning enhanced shield to an enemy. This puts the enemy to a stun.

2.1 Defender

Lv. 3 Shield Ray
This creates a destructive force using a shield that pierces a target.

Lv. 4 Shield Explosion
Transfer the amplified lightning force of a shield to a sword, then plunges to electrocute the enemy.

2.2 Force Shielder

Lv. 5 Shield Grenade
The lightning force, immediately concentrated, explodes all at once when directed to an enemy.

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