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Aren Skill List

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1 Aren Skill List on Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:11 pm

Aren Kingdom (Water):

1. Blader

Lv. 1 Stab and Slash
Stab a target to confuse its sense of distance.

Lv. 2 Assault
Move quickly and accurately to slash a target.

1.1 Ninja

Lv. 3 Fatal Thrust
Use a sword to directly stab an enemy in one of its vital points, causing it to move slower.

Lv. 4 QuadraSlice
Attack all enemies at random with powerful four ice enhanced sword slashes which slows down the speed of the enemy.

1.2 Samurai

Lv. 5 Cleave
Attempt to eliminate all enemies from the battlefield by infusing a water force into the samurai’s blade.

2. Sender

Lv. 1 Summon
Summons water fairies to do attacks on target.

Lv. 2 Rising Tide
Torrent summons 40.0 deals Water damage to the target.

2.1 Summoner

Lv. 3 Frost Chaos
Summons an ice ball which shoots out ice spikes that will freeze the enemies.

Lv. 4 Conjure
Summoner conjures a great flood to attack all enemies with water.

2.2 High Summoner

Lv. 5 Eidolon
Summons Shiva or Leviathan to attack target with ice or water.

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