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Rules and Regulations

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1 Rules and Regulations on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:34 pm

General for Members

1. Respect ALL members. Respect others and you'll be respected as well.

2. Deletion of accounts may be requested to the Admins/Mods.

3. ALWAYS keep in mind that this forum will not tolerate use of vulgar words, nudity, flaming, name-calling, member bashing, discrimination, criticism, etc.

4. Please do not pm any staff and request to be a staff member. I believe we have enough staff members to manage the forum.

5. Members are not allowed to have multiple accounts.

6. Members can be banned ONLY if the reason is fair. There are different sanctions to severity of damage.

1st Warning: -20 Gold

2nd Warning: -50 Gold

3r Warning: (1st offense) 3 days suspension or ban and -100 Gold

4th Warning: (2nd offense) 1 week suspension or ban and -250 Gold

Final: (3rd offense) permanent ban


1. Post your topic under the right/correct category/sub-forum. Do not repost the same topic twice or more on other sub-forum. Admins/Mods have the right to delete/move your topics without prior notice.

2. Do keep in mind that all posts by each members represent their own opinion on the topic being discussed. You may criticize the post but not the member itself. Of course, we refer to constructive criticism.

3. Avoid using text/sms type of language when posting. Jejemon language is also prohibited. There is a specific thread in the forum that accepts text/jejemon format. Please post on that thread if and only if the message to be posted is a quote/joke from a mobile device. Reactions pertaining to the posts should not be in the same format as well.

4. Do not post in ALL CAPS.

5. Do not post in aLtErnAtiNg caPs.

6. Please use image hosting sites when posting images. (Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic, etc.)

7. Please refrain from posting download links for videos/mp3s as this is not allowed by the forum management.

8. Plagiarism is not allowed. If you have to post something which is not originally yours, please cite the source or your post.

9. Deletion of posts may be requested to the Admins/Mods. Only if you have a reasonable explanation why you want your post to be deleted.

Any member found violating this rule can be banned from this forum even without prior notice.

Rules are subject to change even without prior notice.

I am the absolute ruler.
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