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Legendary Kingdoms: 7 Deities of War

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1 Legendary Kingdoms: 7 Deities of War on Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:06 pm

In a world divided into 7 kingdoms, when the Red Moon rises, a legend comes true to life every 25 years. Heroes were born and summoned to participate in the Great Holy War with one goal in mind; to obtain the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is a legendary item which is believed to grant its wielder one absolute wish. It is said that for the past centuries, the Goddess of Sun, who created and ruled the world of the 7 legendary kingdoms, descends on the holy ground of Ashka, a holy temple found in the forbidden land of Somithra. The Goddess shall then summon the 7 Deities of War to guard the Holy Grail from the Heroes of the 7 kingdoms.

As foretold in the legend, a kingdom may send two heroes to acquire the Holy Grail. When the Great Holy War begins, the representatives of the 7 kingdoms shall battle for the right to enter the forbidden land. The victor must then defeat 4 out of the 7 Deities on guard and they shall receive the Holy Grail as the reward.

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