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Pyre Skill List

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1 Pyre Skill List on Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:56 pm

Pyre Kingdom (Fire) Skills:

1. Alchemist


Lv. 1 Incendium
Incendium is a fire-based spell from Pyre. When cast, it releases a ball of fire which then expands to engulf everything within a certain area in flames. Upon casting the spell, a glyph is formed in the shape of an eye superimposed over a pentagram.

"What I seek is the burning field, Incendium!"

Lv. 2 Crimson Blade
This is an attack spell launching crimson crescent-like shaped flames which can cause large-scale explosions. The casting speed is much faster than Incendium and can cause moderate damage to a group of enemies.

“Obey the contract and serve me. Gather, spirits of flame…”

1.1 Battle Alchemist

Lv. 3 Fiery Chain
This is a chain-like flame which can be manipulated to strangle or cause severe damage to an enemy.

"Let the Blazing Salamander Appear and Cover the Enemy with Fire! Fiery Captor!"

Lv. 4 Pillars of Fire
A spell which summons giant flaming pillars. The sky turns dark and pillars of fire will descend smoldering everything in its path. It can cause massive effect on a group of enemies.

“Open the nine locks, and come forth from the hoard of Lægjarn...”

1.2 Fire Alchemist

Lv. 5 Inferno Porte
A Fire and Darkness-element spell. Fifth tier to the spell Pillars of Fire combined with the element of the Dark. Summons the Gates opening to Hell which releases a blazing heat of flames. Damage to an enemy/group of enemies may be permanent or can last for several turns.

"Come Forth, Darkness of the Abyss, Burning Sword! And the Conflagration of Mist, Shadows, Enmity, Destruction, and Vengeance! Set he and I aflame, burning to our very foundation! Inferno Porte!"

2. Gunner

Lv. 1 Explosive Bullet
This is an ability of the weapon to fire flaming bullets which causes an explosive damage.

Lv. 2 Tail Shot
Mid to long range shot. Almost same as the Explosive Bullet but has a more extensive damage.

2.1 Shooter

Lv. 3 Vertical Spread
This fires a spray of bullets in different directions.

Lv. 4 Rapid Reload
A direct damage to an enemy with more power. This also has an improved fire rate.

2.2 Sniper

Lv. 5 Long Shot
A deceptively useful skill. This speeds up bullets permitting you to hit from safer distances. The fire empowered bullet which causes severe trauma to the enemy when hit.

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