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Summoning Familiar Ritual

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1 Summoning Familiar Ritual on Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:29 pm

Once your character gets accepted, you are given the opportunity to summon your familiar. Simply create a new thread under this forum once you feel like summoning your own familiar.

You need to describe what you have summoned, what it does and make it as creative as possible! Images are optional.

Summoned familiars will be taken care of, you need to feed your familiars once a month. Visit the shop created under the forum "Agora", Aether's marketplace, to buy supplies, (i.e. pet food) for your familiar. If the master has failed to feed the familiar at least once a month, then the familiar will leave.

You can start of with a nice chant. Below are a few examples:

"I call upon thee, my loyal servant. Come forth!"

"Hear my call! Arise from the ground, my loyal familiar!"

"Gates of Heaven, open thy before thee. Let my servant hear my call!"

Or something even more creative you can think of.


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