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A Sender's Training

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1 A Sender's Training on Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:49 pm

Psynellia's journey has started. For the young lady, she aimed to be the best summoner and retireve the Holy Grail for she have a wish she'd like to be granted. She wants to cure her mother's sickness. No one in the land of Aether can cure her. Today, she have earned her first job class, a Sender.

Psynellia has decided to practice her newly acquired skill, Level 1 Summon. Level 1 Summon allows you to summon water fairies and attack a target. Lira could be the perfect place, Psynellia thought. She packed her things, inclunding a lunch. She kissed her mother and whispered "I'll go to Lira, Mama. To train. I love you".

The young girl has set foot on Lira, the enchanted waterfalls. She immediately found a spot near the waterfalls. She placed her things in one side and immediately proceed to training. She concentrated on the sound of the water. She set her heart into it. Finally, a glowing light appeared in front of her. Psynellia opened her mouth and chanted the words "Water Fairies, arise!"

A dozen of water fairies shoot out from nowhere floating around Psynellia. She pointed her hands on a tree near her and the fairies rushed to that direction hitting the trunk. It made a slight cut on the tree's trunk. But Psynellia's determined to train today. She went on and on and on.

Lv. 1 Summon
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