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History of the 7 Legendary Kingdoms

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1 History of the 7 Legendary Kingdoms on Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:52 am

Aether, the world of elements made by the Goddess of Sun, was divided into 7 Kingdoms ruled by different Deities. The Goddess of Sun has appointed each deity to govern a certain kingdom of their choice. Each Deity possesses an element unique from the rest, thus, giving birth to the 7 Kingdoms of Aether. Furthermore, the natives of a certain country inherits only one ability from birth; the element chosen for their birth kingdom.

Lumina, land of the Holy element was governed by the Deity Horus. It is surrounded by crystals and prisms which gives illuminating light throughout the kingdom. Most structures in this land are temples and castles. Common jobs in this country are Holy Priests and Paladins.

Zephyr, land of the Wind element was governed by the Deity Boreas. This kingdom can be found in the high land parts of the Aether. Most of its land areas are said to float in the air. Given the wind element, natives of this country are enhanced with speed and accuracy. Common jobs in this country are Stalkers and Rangers.

Aren, land of the Water element was governed by the Deity Lir. It is a land mostly covered with water. Different water forms can be found within the area. Small boats are usually used to travel in this country. The dwellings of the natives float above the waters of the kingdom.

Tarleton, land of the Lightning element was governed by the Deity Perun. Even though the main element of this country is lightning, natives have adjusted to live in dwellings made of metal. This was one way for them to attract the force of lightning which they use as a basic source of power for the whole kingdom.

Tierra, land of the Earth element was governed by the Deity Dhara. A thick forest surrounds the kingdom. Furthermore, huge mountains around it make a good defense for the whole country. Natives have been accustomed to enhance their abilities using the forces of nature.

Pyre, land of the Fire element was governed by the Deity Agni. A kingdom built at the foot a volcano. The use of guns and alchemy are their main expertise. The Alchemist of this country has incorporated magical force to the bullets used by the Snipers. This country can be seen to have a good offensive and defensive background.

Cimmeria, land of the Dark element was governed by the Deity Osiris. The whole kingdom is usually covered by mist. It is the complete opposite of the Kingdom Lumina. In this country, the light and warmth of the sun can’t be felt or seen. The kingdom is very humid and is located within the edge of Aether. Both the mountains and the sea can be seen within the perimeter of its jurisdiction.

During the time when the Deities ruled over each kingdom, they have waged war against each other to gain possession of the godly item “Holy Grail”. The Goddess of Sun did not approve of the hostility among her subjects but did not also want to deprive them of the Holy Grail’s power. With this in mind, the Goddess of Sun has imposed the Great Holy War which happens every 25 years. This was ordered by the goddess to ensure that a fair and equal right was given to each kingdom to gain an absolute wish from the Holy Grail.

And now, a new adventure awaits the chosen hero of each kingdom. Let your adventurous spirit flow and your creative mind explode with ideas and imaginations to the world of Aether and its Legendary Kingdoms. Demonstrate your mastery for each skill you acquire on your journey in battling with various opponents of different race and classes.

See with your mind. Feel with your heart. Feed your soul with delight of fantasy and adventure. Good luck my dear Aetherian Heroes!

I shall guide you with my light.
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